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*Results are calculated using average yields found through in-house testing.
*In house testing conducted with ketchup.
*Results may vary depending on sauce viscosity.

FIFO Bottle™

Portion Pal™

Sauce Gun Bottle

FIFO BOTTLE’s bottom dispensing design guarantees correct food rotation, less waste and faster dispensing – no more banging bottles on the counter!

Take advantage of Portion Pal's adjustable portion-control to easily dispense ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard or a diverse range of other condiments for consistent food prep

Simply fill your bottle, place it in your sauce gun and start delighting your customers with consistently amazing meals.

First in, first out - Ensure correct food rotation with FIFO BOTTLE’s bottom dispensing design.

Adjustable Portion Control - Snap between color coded portion rings to quickly set the volume dispensed. Portion sizes range from 1/4oz(7.5ml) to 1oz(30ml).

Maximum Cost Savings - Reduce waste and increase your margins with SAUCE GUN BOTTLE’s 98% sauce yield.

Fast Dispensing - Gravity pulls sauce down towards the valve, eliminating the need to bang bottles on the counter and ensuring sauce is always ready to dispense.

Maximum Cost Saving - Reduce costs and increase margins with PORTION PAL's 98% sauce yield.

Consistent Portions - Portion-control ensures your customers receive the same amazing experience every time.

Reduce waste - Bottom dispensing greatly reduces the amount of wasted sauce left behind.

Fast Dispensing - Improve your speed of service.

Easy to Clean - Designed to make cleaning simple. Once emptied, SAUCE GUN BOTTLE’s plunger removes in a snap.

Easy to clean - Dual openings makes for easy cleaning.

NSF Certified - Certified by NSF to adhere to the highest food safety standards.

Compatibility - SAUCE GUN BOTTLE is designed to work with any of the widely used sauce guns.

NSF Certified - NSF certified to adhere to the highest food safety standards.

Adjustable - Check out the full range of PORTION PAL™ accessories to create a dispenser perfect for your needs!

Adaptable - Check out the full range of SAUCE GUN BOTTLE accessories to create your perfect condiment dispenser.

Adaptable - Check out the full range of FIFO BOTTLE™ accessories to customize your squeeze bottle.

Perfect for dispensing ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard or a diverse range of other condiments.

Upgrade your old squeeze bottles to PORTION PAL™ to start consistently delighting your customers.